About ERWAN™

ERWAN is led by its Board of Directors in every continent that’s responsible for the management of the Company.

These Board of Directors are also responsible for ERWAN’s overall strategy, its acquisition and divestment policy, the approval of major capital expenditure and the consideration of significant financial matters.

In addition, The Board also monitors ERWAN’s exposure to key business risks and reviews the direction and budgets of its subsidiaries.

The Board comprises Independent Directors of each countries as well as individuals with the necessary technical, entrepreneurial, financial and business skills to enhance the effectiveness of the Board. Open debate on Board resolutions and an adequate degree of independent feedback, ensures the Board can effectively assess the direction of the Company and the performance of its management.

SweetDream is led by its Board of Directors in Malaysia, responsible for its overall strategy and mission to provide quality sleep & rest to Malaysians with amazing mattresses.

In SweetDream's journey for over 40 years, we have found ERWAN™ to be the perfect partner in launching a more affordable mattress range that doesn't compromise on quality or materials.

Making it the most in-demand mattress that caters to everybody looking for consistent and reliable sleep every night.